How do you make a retaining wall, what will you need and what are the kinds of retaining walls.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls let you alter the grade or slope of the land to create level areas that you can use for planting, adding a patio, or any one of a number of uses. They also protect the slope from eroding or collapsing.

article that describes landscaping professionals, contractors for landscaping

Design Contractors: the nuts and bolts side of design

There are two types of landscaping professionals; those on the design side and contractors. Designers range in levels of professionalism and experience and include landscape architects, garden designers and landscape designers.

Landscape Professionals make your life easier

Landscape Pros, Part 1: Designers

As with any field, the term "Landscape Professional" is general and gets more specific from there. Generally though, the name explains the game...

Climate and Soil Conditions That May Change Your Building Plans

Climate and Soil Conditions That May Change Your Building Plans

Before submitting your plans for a permit you should make sure you can actually build your dream home at the site you have selected. You have to make sure soil conditions are suitable and that the structure of the home can handle the environmental stress of your proposed climate.

This article discusses what you need to do before submitting your building plan for a permit

Rounding out your permit package: A/C, site plans and disasters!

Before submitting your plans for a permit, you are going to need to fill out your permit package with documents for the following: heating and cooling, site plans and possibly hurricane/earthquake engineering.

An article on what you're allowed to do with building plans if you buy them. Can you make copies of the building plan, can you modify it? These are some of the things discussed in this article about home building and the rules for blueprints.

Am I allowed to do that? What "buying" a building plan really means.

There are entire enterprises based around the sale of floor plans and online tools for making floor plans. You can even design your own floor plan! However, if you design your own home without help from anyone you should have experience in architecture for safety reasons.

article talking about what you should have in your building contract when you build a house

Contract content: what should your contract look like?

Many builders have standard contracts that can be tailored to fit your projects specifications. These contracts have a set of general conditions which cover the legalistic materials which don’t change from project to project.

Article that tells you what goes into a builder's bid? And answers the question: why do builders have different bid amounts on constructing and building a new home?

What factors into a builder's bid?

In order to understand what builders are thinking when they make a bid on your construction project you need to take a look at their expenses. You have base rate cost of materials/labor and overhead; that just covers money they spend.

Article describing what is a cost-plus contract, or what is a time and materials contract

Cost-Plus / "Time and Materials" Contracts

In a cost-plus contract you agree to pay whatever the project costs, plus a fee that the builder is charging for themselves to cover their overhead and profit. The fee that the building manager charges is usually between 15% and 30% of the total cost.

Article that explains what a lump-sum contract is

Lump-Sum Contracts

What is a lump-sum contract? Lump-Sum Contracts are also known as “fixed fee" contracts.


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